About Sunny Hills Services

Sunny Hills Services is a private, non-profit organization serving vulnerable youth and their families. What was originally founded in 1895 as an orphanage and farm in Marin County, California, is now a regional child welfare organization dedicated to protecting, serving, nurturing and healing at-risk children and adolescents in Marin, Sonoma, and Alameda counties.

The mission of Sunny Hills Services is to engage vulnerable children and youth, enrich their connection with family and community and empower them to lead healthy, rewarding lives.

This year, Sunny Hills will serve more than 1,800 young people and another 650 family members through an array of programs focused on the educational, mental health, housing and developmental needs of vulnerable youth.  Our programs offer a full spectrum of services including:

  • Special education in therapeutic schools grades K-12;
  • Mental health treatment for children and youth of all ages;
  • Gang prevention and intervention for teens;
  • Transitional housing and support services for transition age foster youth;
  • Kinship services to meet the needs of vulnerable children being raised by relative caregivers.

Our vision for the future is: All children and youth in the communities we serve have the resources, support and skills to develop socially, emotionally and behaviorally along a healthy, age appropriate pathway that will allow them ultimately to thrive as adults and to nurture the next generation of young people.

For more information about our programs and services, please visit the Sunny Hills website.

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